Practice & Experience

Bilal Mehanna, CPA knows first-hand the financial problems faced by dentists – his wife is a practicing general dentist. He started Dental Intel CPA Firm after dental clients from a previous financial planning career asked him to start a firm specializing in the financial struggles of dentists. Today Bill focuses on developing vision and strategy both for clients and for Dental Intel CPA. Anyone can compile data and examine it bit-by-bit. Bill takes the big picture, connecting all the parts of a problem and all the data to find the root cause and build a unique strategy. Bill enjoys being at home with his wife and two kids and loves being outdoors.

Experienced Advisors

Big four accounting background experience.  Dental specific accounting and tax knowledge.  We bring big four level value to our dental clients.


Ability to Stay

One Step Ahead

As a young and paper-less firm, we value technology and forward thinking.  Always looking to give an edge to our clients to have a successful practice.

Knowledge That Can Serve Your Needs

We use benchmarks to see where you stand among your peers locally and nationally.  We try to solve the problems together as a team and plan ahead.  




What is a Dental Intel CPA?

A Dental Intel CPA is an accountant who works extensively with dental professionals. Dental Intel CPAs invest time to learn the nuances of the dental industry, monitor trends and advancements in dentistry, and understand the unique business needs of a dental practice.  Analyze KPI's for your practice and use dental benchmark to measure your success.


Why should you choose a Dental Intel CPA?

A skilled Dental Intel CPA can provide more specialized advice than an accountant who works primarily with other industries. Your Dental Intel CPA has studied the tax codes for the best ways to minimize your tax burden now and will have strategies for affecting the next quarter and next year, as well. They can provide personalized business and financial advice to help you grow your practice and reach your personal and practice goals.


What can a Dental Intel CPA do for you?

Your Dental Intel CPA knows how the finances of your practice reflect your business operations and will use your financial reports as a diagnostic tool to illustrate areas of opportunity in your practice. As a business advisor, they will use data on your practice health, fees, staffing, and more to see how you compare to your competitors. Your Dental Intel CPA can suggest ways to achieve greater efficiency, productivity, and financial health. They can provide you with expert advice on the best time to add another dentist, invest in new equipment, or consider opening a new location.

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